We began investing in real estate in 2013 in British Columbia. As our expertise has developed, our portfolio has now expanded to include properties in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

property locations.png

The first portion of our portfolio focuses on multi-family residential homes consisting of duplexes and triplexes. The benefit of having multiple units within one property is having a hedge against vacancies – should a unit become unoccupied, a source of rental income is maintained from the other units until the vacant unit can be filled.

One of our Investment Properties in Regina, Saskatchewan
Inside one of our duplexes in Prince George, British Columbia

The second portion of our portfolio focuses on urban condos in high density areas of major cities. In these markets, the low vacancy rates and competitive tenant landscape ensure our units maintain occupancy, with quality tenants, at premium rental rates.

Condo in Surrey (investment 2) pic1.jpg
Modern 2-bedroom condo in Vancouver, British Columbia
Renovated condo in Central Calgary, Alberta

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